5 effective ideas to promote your dental practice

Bring your dental ideas to life

When it comes to promoting your dental practice, many dentists don’t know where to start. Traditional and non-traditional communication and marketing strategies can be used to step up your brand awareness, expand your visibility and get those patients to walk through your doors. Find 3 effective ideas to promote your dental practice in this article, easy and inexpensive.


  1. Engage with your community.

Your location is not only where the dental practice is; it also goes way beyond the physical environment and integrates your community, your neighbourhood and all your patients. Promoting your services using the human factor and WOM (Word of Mouth) is vital to receive recognition and building brand loyalty. Therefore, creating special events, and offers are some of the sales strategies you can implement.


  1. Social Media, always!

We live in a digital world and virtuality has become a trending topic in marketing and communication strategies. Engaging in online communities is vital to ensure people’s commitment to your brand. Hence, if you don’t have an online presence, you are out of the game; social media profiles and content creation depending on your audience’s taste, needs and approach to the topics you are developing as a brand. However, relying on your services and prices as content differentials could be a mistake; nowadays people are looking for educational and value-creation content that teaches and adds knowledge.


  1. Reminders! Focus on your customer service.

Everyone is living a chaotic and hectic life! It is almost possible to remember everything from work, university tasks, family, school, etc. What can we do as a dental practice to make our patients’ life easier? Work on your customer service and develop reminders and valuable content along your customer’s journey. A text message, an email or a call can mark the difference.


  1. Google Ads to strengthen your brand visibility.

Google or you’re not in the game! Online presence is vital, but setting up your website and searchers’ visibility is fundamental. Promoting your website, services, differential and prices can make a real difference in getting more patients. Therefore, creating an online strategy based on brand awareness and enforcing it with Google Ads grows brand equity, loyalty and customer engagement.


  1. Email marketing to engage your audience.

Email marketing is never old-fashioned. Emailing remains one of the most helpful marketing strategies, and it helps your business get a wide visibility range. For example, you can use email marketing to promote changes in your practice, staff news, dental newsletter, tips, reminders and bookings.


Now that you know, implement these 5 effective ideas to promote your dental practice. For a professional advisory, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@cloverdentalfitout.co.uk or calling to +44 7961 669996.