5 lessons You Should Know When Starting a Dental Practice


No one is born knowing how challenging it is to fit out a dental practice. From our expertise and hard-working projects, we have learned some lessons we want to share with you. From finance to equipment and even more related to marketing and branding options, opening a dental practice is setting up a business that must cover an integral vision of your investment.

Even though we learn from our mistakes and keep learning every day to improve our processes and services, there’s always something new we didn’t know and we would’ve been glad to know. Therefore, here are 5 lessons you should know when starting a dental practice.

1. Be realistic with your budget
There is nothing worse than having several issues with the property and not having the budget to fix them. We have encountered this problem several times, and our outcome is to adapt prices, following the best quality always, and deliver the best result to the customer. Having a realistic budget will help you deal with unexpected situations and give you the flexibility to make changes and enhance the environments you are interested in.

From our experience, opening a dental practice and fitting out the process is an affordable process with the right budget, but always having the availability to dispose of some extra money.

2. Quality over quantity
When building any construction, it is vital to ensure the products’ quality. We are building dreams and taking care of budgets in the process, we have to deliver the best outcome in budget and time. At Clover Dental Group, we work with the best providers that ensure the quality of every material. Sometimes out of the budget, we try to deliver the best result to our client. Always consider quality over quantity, and functionality over price.

3. Consider the best local providers with knowledge
Working with local providers can be the key asset between success and failure. Hiring local providers who also know about the functionality of the building is vital to saving time and creating a healthy working environment. It is very different from hiring contractors who know about multipurpose to the ones who take detailed care of dental practices; where we have to ensure every CQC requirement.

Also, working with local suppliers and contractors is cheaper, their operation costs are lower and therefore we can have a faster and greater outcome.

4. Promote your business is vital
Nowadays, everything is about how well you manage to promote your product or service, trying to engage your customers and create the need to buy what you are selling. Your dental practice is your principal asset, and a differentiation value must be marked. Ask yourself: What makes you different from the competition? What are you offering that is different? Why are you using those colours in your branding? Start marketing your dental practice, and your business, it’s ensure customers when you open.

How do you promote your dental practice? Use the flexibility and boarded approach of social media and interact with your customers and potential clients.

5. Be patient
Our final lesson is to practice your patience. Fitting out a dental practice or any business is an overwhelming task, sometimes you don’t have the answer to all the questions but working as team every issue is a lesson you have to overcome.
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