5 top tips you may consider when starting a dental practice

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5 top tips you may consider when starting a dental practice


For many dentists, starting a dental squad practice might be scary and sometimes don’t know where to begin. There are, indeed, several things that might be included and thought out before making any critical decision.

We want to help you get through this and here are 5 top tips to consider when starting a dental practice.


  1. Don’t skip your business plan

From the beginning, it’s essential to have your business plan prepared. Making the decision to run a dental practice or surgery is a huge investment and sometimes a big risk. However, any delay or uncertainty can be sorted by having a stable and well-thought-out business plan. It’s ideal that this plan includes a company description, the main points about the products and the services, an analysis of the market and competitors, the strategy and implementation, team management, financial investment and projections.

A complete business plan will guide you to success.


  1. Get your brand. Marketing is vital!

In the beginning, this might not sound useful, but having a distinguished brand and a complete marketing communications strategy will help you achieve your business goals. In the current situation, standing out among the competitors is crucial, and having a unique brand that supports your value proposition will you in the spotlight.

From branding to digital strategies, social media and web design, your complete marketing communications strategy is a useful tool to create awareness and engagement for your potential patients.


  1. Location? Think about it twice!

“Where to open the dental practice?!” that’s the question that several dentists have, and it’s indeed a good aspect to look after. It’s important to acknowledge whether the location of the practice or surgery will give you visibility or not, but most importantly it should be linked to your business goals. Whether is near schools, companies’ areas, universities, main streets or neighbourhoods, the location will also dictate the way you would interact with your potential customers. Finally, create community; let the people around you feel part of your success and build engagement and brand loyalty.


  1. Finance and more finance, get your money organised!

Ready, set… and money! Having an organised budget for your new dental practice is an element that must not be forgotten. From the start of the target, finances must be up to date and go along with the rest of the activities and steps to complete your surgery. Moreover, even after completing the construction, having guidance or learning about finance will help you control your expenses and have a record of your revenues.


  1. People, the core of the business

Your people, your staff, and your employees are the core and, in most cases, the first point of contact with your patients. Recruiting the right professionals can enhance the service and the products you’re selling and strengthen, or not, your brand reputation. At the same time, don’t forget your customers, the ones you’re working for. They deserve the best attention, and the highest quality equipment, team, refurbishment and more.


Consider all these points and your new dental practice or surgery will be ready to smash.


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