A deep look into our projects

Altrincham dental fit out project

A deep look into our projects


From conception to completion, Clover Dental Group has the solution that you need to set up your dental practice. From finding the right location, equipment, CQC compliance, regulations, marketing strategy and more, we are committed to your development and growth. From the start of our operation, we have been keen on creating a solid relationship with our clients and providers, they are the most important asset of our business process.


With the highest quality and the strongest conviction, we have developed two big and interesting projects in Manchester: My New Smile Altrincham and Boothstown Dental Refurbishment in Boothstown Worsley.


All our projects follow the highest quality standard in the market, and we ensure that every piece of equipment and detail is considered in the entire development process. With our premium partners and suppliers, we manage your project so you can relax and enjoy the journey.


My New Smile – Altrincham, Manchester

My New Smile is a new squat practice located in Altrincham in which Clover Dental Group was the principal contractor and project manager. From an empty unit previously run as hairdressers, this project challenged us to implement all our services to create a 3-surgery practice with specialist installations and equipment, new cabinetry, flooring, air flow systems and more.


In this project, we worked through different phases: Pre-build, Build, Equipment Installation, CQC Inspection, Pre-opening and Opening, in which we conducted our full turnkey service including branding, marketing and recruitment staff. The commitment of the build team and suppliers was above and beyond allowing us to deliver the project on time and within budget.


Currently, My New Smile Altrincham is a concluded project and we love the result. So many days of hard work and dedication lead to the final stage of the process: the opening and the welcoming of new patients ready to have a new smile.


For more about this project, follow this link.


Boothstown Dental Refurbishment – Boothstown Worsley

The Bothstown Dental Refurbishment Project is a full refurbishment of a previously existing dental practice. Our clients are opening their first squat practice and the building required a full rip out of the three-surgery practice. Following a full diagnosis of the building, a DPC was carried out along with full internal and external renovations.


In line with CQC requirements, a specialist airflow system and decontamination configurations have been implemented. Working with our specialists, we have project managed all aspects of the build from electrics and plumbing to interior design and equipment. A new challenge for Clover Dental Group to keep demonstrating its differential to create bright environments that fulfil all client’s requirements.


For more about this project, follow this link.


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