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On the 12th October, two experts and speakers presented their knowledge at the webinar: Designing your Dental Practice, everything you have to know about dental fit out and CQC Compliance. On the webinar, Steve Kettle from Clover Dental Group and Amanda Hudson from AH Compliance shared all their expertise with dentists, managers and practice owners.

Dental Fit Out pro tips with Steve Kettle


Steve Kettle, Director of Clover Dental Group, gave an informative presentation on the steps needed to build your squat practice. His first piece of advice was to find the right location for your practice. You need to ask questions like how many surgeries it will require, how convenient is this particular location, how competitive is this particular area, and how expensive is the rent and more regarding your objective to find the best spot in a location of your convenience. Moreover, Steve advised hiring a property lawyer to help you with the process, and experts in dental fitting out.  Another important aspect of creating the best dental practice is to get the best architects and start building drawings, important elements to know about the layout of the building and the surgery to carry on with improvements and future refractions if needed.


Project management is a key part of the fit-out process. Appointing a project manager to the business would help lower costs and stay on budget. The roles of the manager may include: producing a schedule of work documents, conducting weekly meetings with contractors, tender packages to builders, managing the contractors’ work and interim valuations, and negotiating and working with dental suppliers. At Clover Dental Group, your project is safe and secure, ensuring the success of your project.


Lastly, Steve commented about the unique process that Clover Dental Group follows to create a long-term relationship with a client, he explained three main phases: Phase 1 is dedicated to knowing more about the project, finding the right location, setting up the dental business, approaching to a reputable lawyer, conducting a competitor analysis and ensuring the property for the client. Phase 2 involves fitting up the dental practice, hiring contractors with knowledge of dental practices and surgeries, creating a schedule of works, ensuring the project management and following up on every detail that the construction might need.

CQC Compliance with Amanda Hudson


Amanda Hudson is a reputable specialist in CQC Compliance and she explained and shared tips to successfully pass CQC regulations and start operating as a dental practice. CQC inspection is a regulation that every dental surgery must pass, and Amanda explained that care providers whose activities involve treatment of disease, disorder or injury, surgical procedures, and diagnostic and screening procedures must be ready to face CQC inspection. During the building phase, a contractor and project manager should embrace CQC aspects to facilitate the process afterwards. Therefore, Amanda pointed out that apart from the infrastructure, there are documents that a care professional must provide such as Financial Viability, Complaints Policy, HSE registration for x-ray equipment, Infection Control Policy and many more.


Finally, Amanda highlighted that every person in charge of the dental practice should be prepared to face an interview with the CQC inspector and bear in mind the Key Lines of Enquiry, important details to consider during the process that stands for Safe, Caring, Responsive, Effective and Well-Ed.

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