Bootcamp: How do you successfully set up a dental squat?

new dental practice fit out in altrincham

15th March 2023 | Time: TBC

King St. Town House, 10 Booth St, Manchester M2 4AW

£199 per person

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Welcome to our first Clover Boot Camp!

Thinking of setting up a dental squat? This course allows you to learn everything you need from the experts.

Kickstart your professional opportunities and create new dental experiences!

Our Boot Camp “How do you successfully set up a dental squat” aims to prepare participants to set up and create new dental opportunities by enhancing their dental squats, and obtaining new skills, knowledge and experience.

This live event will change the perspective of the dental industry by focusing on niche insights and exposing gaps in the dental industry that can be used as opportunities to create new business, raise finance and profits, develop new marketing strategies and change the perspective of how to networking in the always changing and competitive dental world.

If you’re considering buying, renting or fitting out a dental squat, this boot camp is all you need.

Make your dream come true, we are here to give you the knowledge and the tools that will change your professional development.

Key Course Content

  • How to fit out your dental squat.
  • Finance in the dental industry.
  • Marketing for dentists: Stand out from the crowd.
  • Your dental squat, your responsibility: Everything you need to know about CQC Compliance.
  • Make your dental squat profitable.

Event Speakers

Steve Kettle, Director of Clover Dental Group

Steve Kettle has worked in the dental sector for over 30 years and has a wealth of contacts all over the UK after developing strategic partnerships through dental property networks. He has vast experience in delivering high-end building projects in dental, retail, residential and commercial marketplaces.

Steve is very personal and determined when it comes to serving his clients and has an excellent track record in delivering the best results in all his projects. He has an absolute focus on following the brief and creating that personal touch that is greatly appreciated by his clients.

Amanda Hudson, Compliance Consultant – AH CQC Compliance

Amanda Hudson has been a qualified dental nurse in the industry since 1987, building experience in different roles throughout dentistry, including hospitals, NHS, and the private sector. As a professional focused on CQC Compliance, Amanda has been a CQC Registered Manager and provided training for registered Managers in the corporate field, working in a compliance-based role since 2013, when she joined a Dental group and set up over 20 squat practices. As a private consultant and specialist, Amanda has registered a pass rate for new squats and inspections of 100% success. Amanda enjoys cold water swimming, walking, and travelling in her free time.

Maxine Fennel, Founder of MaxieWorks – Dental Marketing Consultancy

Maxine is the founder of MoxieWorks, a dental marketing consultancy with over 11 years of dedicated service in the dental sector. Maxine’s journey began at Dawood & Tanner, one of the UK’s foremost dental practices in central London, where she masterminded their marketing, events, and media endeavours. With an astute understanding of the unique challenges faced by dentists, Maxine and her team at MoxieWorks are driven by a passionate commitment to being an integral extension of dental clinics. Through onsite monthly meetings and regular communication, they ensure that marketing objectives are not just met but exceeded. MoxieWorks crafts comprehensive monthly marketing plans, design practice marketing material, cutting-edge websites, formulates content marketing strategies, and fosters invaluable local business partnerships, empowering dental practices to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.

Andy McDougall, Business Mentor – Spot On Business Planning

Andy has been interpreting and using numbers to transform business performance for over 40 years. He was introduced to the dental sector more than a decade ago and could immediately see that dental practice owners, starved of business knowhow, were mostly unaware of the fundamental principles underpinning financial success. Andy formed Spot On Business Planning (SOBP) with a mission to transform underperforming practices and to help those looking to maximise their exit value. Using tailored financial models, Andy assists dental practice owners to make the right strategic decisions, and the talented Spot On team then works alongside practice teams to implement changes that double net profits within three years.

Nigel Crossman, Consultant of Samera Finance Group

Nigel Crossman joined the Samera Group in May 2016 from the Royal Bank of Scotland, where he was the Head of Healthcare for the London and South East region. He has extensive banking experience having spent thirty-eight years working for two major high street banks during which time he built up a huge network of contacts. These contacts now span the financial network providing access to all of these financial institutions for Samera clients having been placed on their broker panels.

His vast knowledge and experience make him an expert in raising finances for the UK’s medical health professionals.

The Venue

King St. Town House, 10 Booth St, Manchester M2 4AW

At King Street Townhouse, they specialise in the unexpected. They’re thoughtful in their approach to hosting unforgettable experiences that are personal to you, effortlessly capturing the captivating buzz of the city at your feet while retaining the same sense of welcoming charm.

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