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Introducing Our Porsche Dental Roadshows

Dental Events With A Different Twist

We took our dentistry and events management expertise to create innovative events with a unique twist for our clients, brands, and the dental industry. We understand and design ideas to develop your dental event alongside our clients.

At Clover Dental Events we are passionate about details and consumer experience, we love helping companies achieve their business goals by creating astonishing events, seminars, webinars, and networking experiences.

Deliver a different meeting in one of our prestigious partner venues across the UK: Porsche Centres, Mercedes Benz garages, Ferrari Centres, Colshaw Hall, and many more.

Our services include:

  • Initial consultation with the client.
  • Venue finding.
  • Creation and development of event proposal.
  • Visits and coordination with the venue.
  • Catering and beverage.
  • Marketing strategies and guest management.
  • Meet and greet and support on the day of the event.

From conception to completion, we are experts in events management.

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“These events are great and will be good for us.
Day is well coordinated by Steve.
All reps given the chance to introduce themselves and the company to the group.
Plenty of time in the day to spend quality time with the Dentists attending. The Dentists know they are in a social environment and are happy to talk to everyone.
Reps are given option to drive but I found it best to be a passenger while the dentist drives- great time to chat about his practice/materials. etc. the convoy swops cars along the way so I drove with 3 different dentists.
There will be 20 min sponsor speaker slots going forward which will be great.
We can invite 2 customers along as our guests to future roadshows.

The Dentists are glad to be there, they enjoy the Cars and are more than happy engaging the reps on the day.
Good idea to Have FU as the focus- all Scotchbond users that did not know much about FU.
Dentists enjoyed the social interactions vs having a rep with a table full of products out.
I`m sure the events will become more popular and it’s a chance to spend the day with 5-10 dentists in your area. “

Jeff Dumbrell / VOCO
“I’d like to thank Steve for arranging such a good day yesterday with Amanda and Adam from Porsche Tonbridge. I had a really interesting and informative day with both Steve and Amanda and the drive was great fun!
If there are future events planned I would be happy to participate and would like to being my associate dentists along as I’m sure they would enjoy the day.”
lram Sheikh / Andrew House Dental

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Paul Tipton

Guest Speaker

Learn from Paul Tipton, from Tipton Training, a Professor of Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry and an internationally acclaimed Prosthodontist.

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Guest Speaker

Topic – CQC Compliance, How much time should it really take?

Amanda Hudson is a CQC specialists with more than 20 years of experience in the field. She has been a CQC Registered Manager and provided training to managers and dentists in the corporate field. Since 2020, Amanda has run a private Compliance Consultancy with a pass rate for new squats and inspections of 100% successful.

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A selection of some of the venues we will be visiting


If you are looking to attend a dental show, dental showcase or dentistry show we highly recommend attending one of our events for a truly unique type of dental event.