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At Clover Dental Group, we have a highly skilled team of dental squat practice designers ready to start on your practice designs. Our experience and keen eye for details that make a squat practice function to its best are what have kept our clients happy and keep coming back to us when a new squat practice is being setup. We can transform a space into a welcoming environment that patients and staff will be love work and be treated in.

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Why Choose us?

The main reason clients choose us over our competitors or simply a local designer or builder is because of our specialist expertise within the dental industry. This, combined with our building knowledge means we very quickly understand what will be required to get your design done in a way that looks aesthetically stunning while keeping an eye on cost.

Our approach to all dental practice design projects differs on every project we undertake and when you work with us you will get a totally unique design that meets your specific requirements. No two squats are exactly alike which is why a bespoke design service is required on each project.

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 We knew we needed a company that could bring our vision to life, and that’s exactly what clover have done “

Professor Paul Tipton

My New Smile Altrincham

Practical squat practice design

When we design your squat, we make sure that it is useable from both the dentists perspective but also the patients. Our understanding of what makes a dental squat a success helps drive a functional and practical environment that encompasses your unique vision and preferences while making sure it is fully operational at the same time.

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The latest technology

We are proud to be able to have partnered with some of the biggest names in the dental industry which allows us to be able to quote on some of the lates technology in the dental industry. Keeping ahead in terms of the latest tech and incorporating it into your practice design means you get the very best at unbeatable prices.

Our services include

  • Interior design
  • Equipment planning and sourcing
  • Brand identity incorporated into the design
  • Project management from start to finish

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Let’s have a chat about your ideas for your new squat practice and learn more about how we can help you produce a truly stunning new squat.

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