How does a dental fit-out impact your profit?

How does a dental fit-out impact your profit

When a dentist starts to gather information about setting up a dental squat, many questions, fears, and doubts arise. The most common fear is how the total investment for setting up a dental squat will be retrieved. However, sometimes we miss the intangible benefits of creating a new brand with a creative customer experience.

In this article, we present 3 main benefits that might not be related to financial profit, but how our brand keeps growing.

1. New brand, new opportunities

When we start a dental practice, we put so much effort into the right equipment, the staff’s experience, the regulations and CQC; undoubtedly important bits that need to be regulated. However, we forget that we are creating a new brand, a new way to promote our service and create a new dental experience. Our differential as a service and customer experience will help us to collect positive testimonials, enhance our local reputation and get more customers.

Creating a new space is an opportunity to raise brand awareness and get the most out of the service we are starting to implement. Besides, we must use current marketing strategies such as offline and online platforms to ensure reach and promote brand loyalty. Let’s remember the importance of attracting more clients and retaining them as part of our current portfolio.

2. Excellent customer experience

How can we increase and attract more patients? One vital pillar is the service we are offering. Regardless of the excellence of our dental service and procedures, we must ensure that our staff is ideal and have the soft skills needed. From the receptionist at the front desk to every nurse and dentist, we must emphasise the importance of customer service and the capability of each member of the dental squat.

Starting from the right recruitment process to constant training of our staff, they are the face and initial experience in our dental practice; as business owners, we must ensure that every customer feels satisfied and happy with our service, this will help to retain them and possibly come back for more treatments. Besides, they become part of our ambassadors by spreading the love of our brand.

3. Design to impress

Now that our dream to become owners of a dental practice is on board, and the architectural plan is set up, the design phase is about to come. Having a good interior designer and creating a comfortable space is a hard task. As part of our experience, we normally see clients that prefer a traditional dental design, which is functional but sometimes boring and doesn’t go along with the rest of the dental practice.

How does a dental fit-out impact your profit 2

From the initial impression of the practice to the final stage of the customer journey, we must ensure that the design represents what we want to transmit and that it shows the differential between the brand and how well it is the commitment to the patients.

Consider all these points when we think about profitability and sooner or later, your dental practice will be the best in town!

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