My New Smile: A complete fit-out project

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My New Smile is a new dental practice located in Altrincham, Manchester where Clover Dental Group was the principal contractor and project manager for a complete refurbishment. This project challenged us to implement all our services to come up with 3 surgeries, specialist installations, special equipment, new cabinetry, a new floor, special systems, and more.

This project will help us describe our unique construction process and how we implement all our services.


Pre-Build Phase

Starting the process of planning and thinking about the construction of the surgery is a non-stop process. We gathered with our clients to take note of their main expectations, ask about their principal requests, and have everything ready for the planning process. The pre-building phase gives us solid pillars to work on the project, as well as a clear framework to follow in the following steps.


Once we obtain and analyse our client’s information, we work alongside our experts and architects to ensure the planning proposal is aligned with regulations, CQC, basic aspects, equipment needs, etc. It is in this phase that we devise a plan and logistic requirements, consider standards, and building regulations, and set up a control for construction issues.

Build Phase

Certainly, one of the most important and crucial moments in the construction process is the building phase. While planning, we start thinking about the building construction: needs, potential issues, materials, pros, and cons, etc. trying to cover all the aspects for a smooth and effective building phase. We aim to deliver the best quality of work, enhancing the space and fulfilling our client’s expectations.


Considering all CQC compliance aspects and construction regulations, we give the building phase the “go” for setting up the dental practice. In this project, we had to transform the original space distribution to create 3 dental surgeries, a decontamination room, a washroom, a staff space, and a reception.


Additionally, the building phase prepares us for the upcoming steps of the construction process, giving us notions for the equipment installation phase.


Equipment Installation Phase

After the build phase, we commit to setting up the space for the dental equipment. In this phase, we put together all the pieces of the surgery: dental chair, floors, reception desk, AR, ceilings, heater, decontamination items, etc. We ensure that every detail in this phase is specially polished and cared for.

Furthermore, the equipment installation phase helps us to make amends on the distribution of the space and lights us up for new equipment and requirements.

CQC Inspection Phase

Finally, the dental practice is ready for the CQC inspection phase. This is the last step of the process and reunites all the previous phases. While planning, building, and setting up the equipment, we always consider CQC compliance and how to minimise observations. Working with our experts alongside the process is the key to successfully fulfilling all construction regulations.