Dental Networking Event at Porsche Centre South Lakes: Revolutionizing Dentistry

The dental industry recently participated in an innovative and elegant networking event that transcended the conventional boundaries of professional gatherings. The Porsche Dental Roadshow South Lakes gathered a unique blend of dental experts and businesses who are all passionate about living and working at the top levels. It was held on 19th March at the prestigious Porsche Centre in South Lakes and Gilpin Hotel & Lake House.

Performance, elegance, and accuracy were the main priorities of the occasion, as seen by the beautiful introduction of Porsche cars. The event gained even more importance from the choice of venue, Porsche Centre South Lakes. The Porsche Centre is more than just a showroom; it is a symbol of the brand’s heritage of invention and engineering prowess.

Thank you to our special guest speaker Paul Tipton, from Tipton Training, for a fantastic master class.

We want to thank our sponsors for their support: Medifinance, Samera Finance, VOCO, RPA Dental, RA Accountants, Dental Elite, BES GROUP, Chase de Vere Dental.

Event Photos