Dental Networking Event at Porsche Centre Sutton Coldfield: Revolutionising Dentistry

A pioneering networking event that went beyond the traditional bounds of professional gatherings was recently experienced by the dental sector, combining innovation and elegance. The Porsche Dental Roadshow Sutton Coldfield, which took place on the 14th March in Sutton Coldfield’s esteemed Porsche Centre, brought together a distinctive mix of dental professionals and companies who are all passionate about living and working at the highest levels.

It was clear that this was not going to be your typical networking event as soon as guests arrived at Moxhull Hall. The event’s elegant entry, adorned with Porsche automobiles, set the tone for an occasion that prioritised performance, elegance, and accuracy.

The lunch that was served throughout the event was exceptional. Attendees were treated to a culinary adventure that matched the elegance of the surroundings, expertly catered by the incredible cuisine at the Moxhull Hall.

We would like to express our gratitude to the following sponsors for their support: Dental Elite, BES GROUP, RPA Dental, VOCO, Medifinance, Samera Finance, and Chase de Vere Dental.

Event Photos