RPA Dental Event

Last Wednesday 4th October, Clover Dental Events organised an exclusive and private event for RPA Dental, a first-class equipment products brand with more than 50 years in the industry in engineering services across the UK for dental practices. From conception to completion, we took this challenge to create an innovative event with a twist. More than 30 RPA clients attended the exclusive Porsche Centre Bolton, surrounded by premium cars and high-end infrastructure.



Our client’s brief gave us the directions to create a signature and tailored event, uncommon and away from conventional dental meetings. Our client sought an informal, friendly, sophisticated location to show their latest dental chairs and equipment; as well as considering the best catering and entertainment. After digging into locations and contacting our partners, we found the best spot: Porsche Centre Bolton was the location we were looking for.


Our commitment to RPA Dental was growing during the process, and our enthusiasm to deliver the best meeting was raised. We built our trust and developed the best dental event with constant communication, clear message, and transparency. On the day of the meeting, Clover Dental Events ensured every detail was polish to perfection, and the location, food and entertainment were on point.


At Clover Dental Events we follow a characteristic methodology to create, develop and implement different and innovative dental experiences. This is the process that helped us ensure the success of RPA Dental’s event:


We are Clover Dental Events


We took our dentistry and events management expertise to create innovative events with a special twist for our clients, brands, and the dental industry. Alongside our clients, we take understand, create ideas, and develop your dental event, considering all the main aspects to deliver the best experience for your attendees.


As well as dental fit-out, at Clover Dental Events we are passionate about details and consumer experience, we love helping companies achieve their business goals by creating astonishing events, seminars, webinars, and networking experiences to fulfil your dreams. We are committed to your satisfaction and our team works with and guides you until the last step.

Our commitment to our clients starts from the very beginning, listening to their needs and addressing the best solution. From finding the right venue, managing every aspect of the event, organising the attendee list, coordinating with suppliers, catering, and implementing a marketing plan for bigger success, we offer the best adventure for your target audience.


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