Still a challenge: Women in dentistry

Still a challenge: Women in dentistry

Women in dentistry have come a long way since the first woman to practice this profession appeared in 1855, Emeline Roberts, who began to study and practice dentistry until she became one of the first female dentists. Her story is a lesson of dedication, perseverance, strength and commitment.


Many years have passed since women achieved essential roles in the health and dentistry areas; however, there is still inequality, obstacles, and challenges that they must face daily. From the prejudgement of being simple women and not being “good enough” to practice a health-related profession to doubt their skills and diagnosis, women in dentistry keep fighting against Machism.


In an era where globalisation and social movements are allowed to let expressions be, the health system still relegates women to professionals incapable of delivering good jobs. In fact, according to a GDR report, 50% of dentists in the UK are women, specialising in complex and sophisticated treatments (Spa Dental, 2023).


What can we do to close the gap?


  • Educate: Talk to our children and teenagers about the real gender gap in all professions, and encourage more girls to pursue their dreams, developing what they want to do in life.
  • Communicate: Convey messages of equity and equality through the communication channels and platforms that we use: social media, chats with friends and family, newspapers, blogs, etc. Spread the word.
  • Take actual actions: Small actions are always the best ones. Whether the change is significant o small, it’s enough to contribute to reducing gender inequality gaps.


Clover Dental Group is an enterprise that is happy to work equally with men and women and help reduce inequality gaps in dentistry. We consider every detail when working with clients, and their dream motivates us to keep pushing.




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